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Dr. P.V. Vartak is a renowned scholar who has been instrumental in unfolding many scientific facts from ancient Indian scriptures in Sanskrit and has presented it to the modern day generation in lucid and intelligible form. Besides being a spiritualist & a medical professional, he combines in himself the attributes of a Historian, Astronomer, Astrologer, Mathematician, Philosopher, Counsellor, Orator & Author.He was born on 25 th Feb 1933 at Pune, Maharashtra, India. A seeker of truth, he does not differentiate between the followers of different religions and faiths & showers his spiritual love on the entire humanity indiscriminately. Accessible even to a commoner, he has been giving spells of peace & solace to guidance and has been providing impeccable direction & succor even to a mundane seeker of help by rendering psychological & emotional support. He has kindled rightuous path for those who are in predicament over issues related to their profession, home or society. Foreigners are not exception to his transcendental love & blessings. He is an embodiment of spiritual realization and those in spiritual pursuits can take lessons from his personal conduct to have a better insight into what they just read in scriptures and find difficult to follow & assimilate. Having attained an exalted spiritual state, one can be more successful & useful even in worldly affairs and can prove to be an asset to the nation, rather entire humanity.

A distinguished rank holder throughout his academic career, he stood first in the London Chamber of Commerce Examination though papers were examined at London. A versatile genius, Dr.P.V. Vartak had been a 'body beautiful' champion, wrestler, swimmer and artist during his young age. He acted in dramas and authored one drama, rather an opera, namely 'Damayanti Parityaga'.

In his medical profession, he worked successfully as a lecturer in Surgery & Hon. Surgeon. In private practice he worked as Surgeon, Physician, Radiologist and Pathologist with highest medical ethics. He received Fellowship of United Writers’ Association of India, (FUWAI) Chennai. The International University of contemporary studies has conferred upon him Doctorate of Philosophy in literature.

Married in 1962, he has two sons and a daughter. He commenced studies in Yoga and Spiritual Science in 1956 with highly analytical & scientific approach. Extra sensory perceptions have been experienced by him since 1959.



First experiment of Astral Travel in Samadhi to the planet Mars was performed on 10th August, 1975. A report of his 21 observations was published, out of which 20 observations were fully corroborated by the spaceship Viking 1, after 21st July, 1976, i.e. almost one year after his observations. The 21st observation about ancient water and moss on the Mars was established by another spaceship, the Pathfinder in 1987, 12 years later. 

In his second experiment of Astral Travel on 12th August, 1976, he observed by Clairvoyance the docking of spaceships Viking-1 & Viking-2. Advance observation by him was subsequently confirmed by NASA on 7th Sept. 1976. 

In yet another Astral Travel to the planet Jupiter on 27th August 1977 , he made 18 distinct observations on the Jupiter. Spaceship Voyager corroborated his 10 observations in 1979, while the remaining observations are yet to be tangibly proved, may be, through some future space program of humanity. 

In 1980, during his Samadhi, he saw a man on a celestial body in another Solar System . He has published his findings through this transcendental feat in his book , 'Scientific Explanation of the Katha Upanishad.' 

USA had planned to launch a spaceship to the Saturn to reach & study the planet in 2004. He, through his transcendental visit to Saturn visualized that the Saturn is a ball of three types of revolving heavy gases, having purple, yellow and black shades. The famous ring of Saturn is made of some material like slurry or mud along with floating rocks. There are no land marks on the Saturn because there is no formation of land. In the third edition (2003) of his autobiography ' Brahmarashichi Samaranayatra', he has published his observations about the planet Saturn. 


He proved in 1950 that Rose plant bears fruits. He produced three fruits of Rose & gave to Prof. Raje , a botanist in S.P. College. Those fruits were kept in the Museum of S.P. College. 

In 1968, Dr. Vartak operated on Dr. Sahasrabuddhe, who had a huge Hydrocele on right side with Ascitis. Dr. Vartak prepared a tube of the Hydrocele membrane & inserted it in the right thigh. Due to this the Ascitic fluid entered the general circulation from thigh. Therefore the patient got total relief from Hydrocele as well as Ascitis. 
Besides his own accomplishments, he has organized some significant programs to establish & bring to the fore the spiritual attainments of some other spiritually accomplished personalities. A Public program was arranged, in Pune as well as in Mumbai, of a boy of 5 years of age, named as Sanjeeva Sharma, who could recite the verses of the Geeta, if only the number of the verse and its chapter was told and if only the first word of the verse was told. He could tell the translation of the verse in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati. He could speak to the audience on any subject related to the spiritual science. 

First public program of Anand Bhate was arranged in Vartak Ashram for the Adhyatma Samshodhan Mandir and the Veda Vidnyan Mandal. He was only five years old but could sing in the style of the famous Bal Gandharva, playing on the harmonium himself. He gave excellent performance. Later he came to fame as ‘Anand Gandharva’. 

Arranged a scientific program on 7th May 1983 of underground Samadhi. Shri. Swami Chakrajit performed the Samadhi in a pit underground, in presence of many scientists. He sat in the pit, 4 ft. long, 3 feet broad, and 3.5 feet in depth, which was later covered with a cement slab. He declared to sit underground for 14 hours; but had to be taken out after 6.5 hours. Even then it was a successful program, proved Dr. Vartak by many calculations related to biology and biochemistry. 

Many public programs were done of Shri Bhanudas Gaikwad, who is now famous as a Sweet man (Gode Baba). He has a Siddhi that wherever he touches the surface becomes sweet. He could produce sweetness to bitter gourd, chillies, water, paper, cloth, plastic etc. Proved that he does not do sleight of hand, does not use saccharine, or any other sweetening material. 

Arranged a public performance of Master Harsh Chakravarti, a boy of 11 years, who has a Siddhi of doing fast calculations. Many scientists and mathematicians attended and tested his ability.


A List of some Research Papers presented at various conferences:
Knowledge of Chromosomes {Gunavidhi} in Ancient India. Printed in the Maharashtra Medical Journal, January 1972. 

Embryology in Ancient India [study of human embryo from the conception.] Proved that day to day development of foetus was observed, beginning of foetal heart in the second month of pregnancy was known and understanding of directions by ears was also discovered by ancient Vedic Rishis. - Printed in the Maharashtra Medical Journal. March 1973. 
Human and animal Clones from ancient India. [Rigveda and Puranas] Test tube babies from ancient India, in vitro development of human beings. Parthenogenetic Births of Pandavas. Aero planes from Ramayana, Vedas and Samarangana Sootradhara were true. 

Dates of sixty incidents of the Mahabharata War fixed, including the date of forest going, date of going underground, coronation of Yudhishthira, Ashwamedha Yajna, Krishna’s birth date and horoscope, etc. The dates of 45 incidents from the Ramayana, Periods of Various Puranas estimated. The dates of many events from the Rigveda are fixed, Date of Patanjali etc. are fixed. 

Vedic concept of the genesis of the Universe is shown to be the same as the modern scientific concept, particularly the Big bang theory postulated by Sir Lowell during 1975. . 

Upanishadic concept about the genesis of the Universe is proved to be scientific. 

Vast Scientific knowledge in the Vedas, Upanishads, Patanjala Yoga, and Geeta discovered. 

Shiva-linga a symbol of science [ It is a model of D.N.A., molecule Atom, and the Universe.] 

Rebirth theory is proved to be very scientific and logical. 

Brahmastra was similar to atomic weapon. Other ancient ‘Astras’ were scientific. 

Ancient Indian estimation of the velocity of light is same as the modern. 

Bheema is the Hero of the epic Mahabharata. He was very brilliant, intelligent, statesman. 

Exposed pre-Ramayana history of India from 7000 BC to 25000 BC. 

Ancient Indian Space-Travel, effecting elongation of Life, is told elaborately. Indian thoughts about the death and how it can be conquered are published. 

Antarctica and America were known to ancient Indians of Ramayana era. Daityas went by Aero planes to South America during pre-Ramayana era. Evidence brought forwards. 

Proved all the steps of thousand years from the Vedas of 23720 BC to Varahmihir of 520 AD. 

Astronomy in India, since Vedas, elaborately established. 

Time-measuring-science of ancient India computing astronomy and Meteorology elaborated. 

Force of Gravitation in the Rigveda, Prashnopanishad, and Shankaracharya explained. 

Seven Energy bands in the Mundakopanishad and Tachyons explained. 

Panch-Kosha theory is proved to be very scientific. 

It is clearly proved that the Fall of Abhijit Nakshatra [star Vega] as recorded in the Mahabharata was a fact of 14000 years ago. 

It is proved that the twelve Signs of zodiac were known to the Rigveda and were in use. 

Presence of Ishwara i.e. the supreme energy controlling the Universe is proved scientifically by studying the nature. 

Experienced the contraction of space and time due to high velocity in the space, on the planet Jupiter. 

Vedic thought on Time. 

Horoscopes of Shivaji, Bajirao the great, Saint Dnyaneshwar, Shri Krishna, Ramadas Swami, and Janardan Swami are prepared. 

Discovered that Kaikayi was a good natured woman, she really loved Ram, but taking part in the national conspiracy to defeat Ravan, she took the brunt on her and accepted bad name. 

Ravan was a good natured gentleman. Rama humiliated his sister, so he revenged by abducting Seeta. Ravan did not touch her, though she was in his possession for one year. On the last day he could have raped her and cut her nose, ears and breasts; but being a gentleman, he did not do that foul act. 

Exposed true sense of the words Ruta-Satya, Vyahruti, Akasha-Prakasha, Vasu, Pouganda, Gagana, Hiranmaya Patra, Chamas, Apana, etc. 

Discovered that Ahalya was not turned in to a stone and did not become human by touch of Rama’s foot. She was doing penance. She hosted Rama and Laxman with Vishwamitra. 

Nala Wanara built a Setu for Rama to go to Lanka. It was wooden. Rocks were cut with machines and thrown in the sea, they submerged in to the sea and on that foundation a bridge was erected, using trees. Valmiki and Vyasa give credit of building Setu to Nala. But later devotees erased Nala’s name and inserted Rama’s name. 

Shabari was a hermit; she did not give fruits to Rama after tasting herself. She awaited Rama and hosted Rama with hospitality, because she knew that Rama was coming and she was to guide him properly. She was a part of the conspiracy of sages to defeat Ravana. 

Saptalokas i.e. seven worlds from ancient literature defined according to modern science. 

Shown that Valmiki has described the trident found in the South America, in Peru, on Mount Andes at the Bay of Pisco. His description matches exactly with the Trident. 

Many riddles from the Mahabharata are solved giving logical explanations. 

It is proved that the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are described by Vyasa under the names Shweta, Shyama, and Teevra. Calculations are given to prove their sites during 5561BC. 

Proved that Vyasa knew that life elongates by space travel. It is told by Einstein, recently. 

Proved that the force of Gravitation is recorded in the Rigveda, the Prashnopanishad (during 6000 BC) and the commentary done by Adi Shankaracharya on Prashnopanishad (during 800 AD). India knew it at least 1000 years before Newton. The effects of the Earth’s gravitation on a human being is told by the Prashnopanishad and Shankaracharya, which were not known to Newton. 

Shown that the Mahabharata records Shalva’s aeroplane and parachute. 

Shown how scientific is the system of division of society in four Varnas. The four Varnas are present even today all over the world. Much later the system got corrupted. 

Solved the riddle of the Sunset happening twice on 29th October 5561 BC, when Jayadratha was killed. It was not a divine miracle done by Krishna, but was a physical phenomenon caused by refraction of the Sunrays, like the mirage. 

Proved how solar and lunar eclipse happened in one month before the Mahabharata war. 

Shown that ‘Krukalas’ a giant lizard killed by Krishna was a dinosaur. Archaeologists laughed at the concept in 1971, but now in 2002 dinosaur’s eggs and remnants are found near Dwaraka. 

Shown that the Daityas flied in aeroplanes to Patala, which was the name of America, then. 

Shown that the Daityas, Rakshasas, Vanaras, Bears were all humna beings. 

Shown that the description of the Yama Loka given by Valmiki, as a white land, at the south end of the Earth, having fierce darkness, is that of Antarctic. Proved that Valmiki had knowledge of the whole of the Earth. All the four directions are eruditely described by Valmiki. 

Proved that the Uttara Kanda of the Ramayana is composed by Valmiuki himself as an appendix. 

The dates of almost 50 incidents from the Ramayana are fixed by astronomical mathematics. 

Described history of about 8000 years before Rama of 7323 BC. 

Shown that ‘Dhundhu’ Rakshasa described by Valmiki in Ramayana was a Volcano. 

Shown that Kumbhakarna was a mechanical Robot, driven by the brother of Ravana. Shown that the Robots are also described in the ‘Samarangana Sootradhara’ compiled by Raja Bhoja during 1050 AD. Aeroplane flying due to energy derived from Mercury is described by this book. A lift taking a man to the fifth floor is also described in this book. 

Sage Agasti knew electricity. He has described a modified Daniel cell. He describes electroplating and production of Oxygen and Hydrogen from water. Hydrogen was used to inflate a balloon, which could take a sedan into air. 

The basic principle of physics that Heat expands and cold contracts is told by the Mundakopanishad, showing much wider sense. 

Shown that at death life does not go away, but Prana goes away. Due to this fact transplant operations get success. Full differentiation is given of Atman, Brahman, Prana, Jeeva (life) etc. 

Shown mistakes in the theory of evolution proposed by Darwin. 

A true case of Rebirth is examined in 2004 and proved that Rebirth is a fact, not a fiction. Shown that after death of a person, his Prana can see and take interest in the surroundings. 

Shown how true is the Upanishadic statement that death is the third genesis. A person takes three births; the first from the father when he comes out of father’s body in the form of a sperm, second from the mother in the form of a foetus, and the third birth takes place when he comes out from his own body. The coming out of Prana from a physical body is called as death, which in fact is the third birth. 

Shown that the Aitereya Upanishad tells 16 functions of brain, which science has to admit. 

The concealed meanings of Ishopanishadic Mantras are explained by science. 

Eight important Upanishads are explained eruditely and scientifically. 

The Buddhi Yoga from the Geeta is exposed eruditely. No scholar has done it so far. 

Scientific experiments are done to prove Yoga and Adhyatma as a science. 

Proved that the story of Krishna’s producing many clothings to protect Draupadi is fake. 

Shown how Veer Savarkar behaved throughout his life following the Geeta. 

Shown that Hanuman was a brave human being. He was not a slave (Dasa) of Rama. 

Shown that solar seasonal months were in use with lunar months in India for 10000 years. 

Proved the existence of five subtle bodies by performing experiments of Astral travel to the planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The reports found true when the spaceships gave their reports. The capacities of the five Koshas are well explained. Have travelled to another solar system by Anandmaya Kosh and saw a human being there on a planet. 

Proved that physical science can be achieved by Yoga and Adhyatma. 

Shown that Mind can exist and work without the brain. 

The functions of the internal four entities [Antahkarana Chatushtaya] clarified nicely. These four are Mana (mind), Buddhi (intelligence), Ahamkar and Chitta. 

Proved how scientific was the thought of Atri, when he said that the eclipse takes place due to ‘Swarbhanu’. ‘Bha’ + ‘Anu’ means the follower of light, which is shadow. This shadow is in Swar i.e. the space or the sky. Shadow of the Moon causes solar eclipse, while the shadow of the Earth causes the lunar eclipse. Atri tells that all the planets see eclipses, which is true. 

Proved that the Hindus originated the weekday system in India during 8357 BC or before.

Proved that ‘Ambarish’ means the one who was thrown out (Isha) from the Earth in the sky (Ambar). Hence it is another name of Trishanku, who was sent to the heavens by Vishwamitra.

The proper meaning of ‘Brahmacharya’ is unveiled. Its present meaning to avoid sexual relation totally is wrong. For support instances from the Mahabharata are given. 

Bheema’s height (7 feet) and girth of chest (about 65 inches) is discovered. 

Ages if Bhishma, Krishna, Arjuna, etc are fixed. 

Hanuman went to Lanka swimming in the sea, but returned by flying in the sky. 

Hanuman appeared before Bheema by Astral Body, not by physical body. 

Bheema was better in archery then Rama, Lakshman, Arjuna, Karna, etc. because he defeated Alambush Rakshasa, who was in the sky. Ram had collapsed when Indrajit attacked from the sky. 

Krishna did not lift a mountain, he advised to hide in a cave of a mountain to save from torrential rains and floods. 

Kalia was not a serpent, but a man, a human being. 

Nagas injected Bheema some medicine, so he come back to consciousness. Nagas were proved to be human beings. 

Bheema alone fought successfully against Narayana Astra. 

Narayana Astra was a poisonous gas. 

Bheema did not do any foul in breaking Duryodhona’s thighs. That duel was fought on the basic point that Bheema was to break Duryodhona’s thigh. That aim was fixed 13 years earlier. 

Bheema corrected Krishna’s mistake too. Bheema dragged Duryodhana out of a pond. Then Yudhishthira asked him to fight with any Pandawa. Krishna got furious with the folly of Yadhishthira and said, “If he selects you, what will happen? Hearing this, Duryodhana might have been alerted and challenged Yudhishthira for duel and won. But Bheema immediately challenged Duryodhana and began duel. By saying so, Krishna might have become the cause of Pandava’s ruin. 

Krishna suggested to tell Dronacharya that his son Ashwatthama died. In spite of that news from Yudhishthira, Drona continued battle. Krishna admitted defeat of his plan and kept quiet. But Bheema went to Drona and said “Why is he fighting and for whom ? His son is dead, then for whom is he doing sins of violence ?” Hearing this Drona kept his weapon down and was killed. Bheema got success. 

Krishna did not escape from the wrath of Gandhari, though he cried loudly. But Bheema talked quietly but firmly to Gandhari and made her accept her mistakes in not controlling Duryodhana & Dusshasana at right time. 

Dr. Vartak first showed that Bheema had defeated Bhishma, Drona, Krupa, Karna etc. in duels with archery. 

Scholars usually suppose that Krishna saved the life of Bheema, by pushing his statue before Dhrutarashtra. But Dr. Vartak shows that Bheema would have killed Dhruturashtra, when he tried to grasp him with tremendous force. Bheema had escaped from clutches of many Rakshasas. Hence he was not to die of Dhrutarashtra’s grasp. So Krishna saved Bheema from the act of killing his uncle. 

Showed that Bheema was really superior to Duryodhana in Mace-fight. First Duryodhana did ‘Adharma’, thrice and then only Bheema break his thighs. 

Proved that it is a misconception that Bhishma, Drona an Kripa had full sympathy about Pandawas and were on their side, by mind. All the three were totally against Pandawas. 

Showed that Bhishma was wrong in supporting Kauravas. He was not a servant of Dhruturashtra, but was a servant of Kaurava Throne. He had to save the honour of the throne. But he failed and saw the harassment of Draupadi in front of the throne. 

Proved boldly that Krishna was totally wrong in dealing Draupadi with Karna and saying that she would become Karna’s wife. 

Proved that Krishna was defeated many times before Jarasandha and had to leave Mathura, because of his terror. 

Proved that only Bheema was capable of killing Jarasandha. Bheema told the plan of killing Jarasandh in wrestling, which Krishna accepted and got full success.
Bheema had become the emperor by killing the emperor Jarasandha; but leniently he gave the empire to his elder brother, who lost it in playing dice. 

Shown that ‘Sati’ is not the Vedic tradition. It was not in Ramayana period. The Mahabharata mentions it as an exception. 

Discovered from Valmiki Ramayana that Hanuman was born on Amavasya and not on Pournima, as generally believed by all scholars and saints.
Shown that the name ‘Hanuman’ is derived from ‘Hanu’, which means a weapon. The one who holds that weapon is ‘Hanuman’. 

Discovered the vital clue of Shanti Mantra, and composed a Shanti Mantra for the current period. 

It is shown that the Deity Indra means Atman, who is the king of other Deities which are energies of the sense organs. 

On 21 Sept.1995, a news spread like fire all over the world that Shri Ganesh drinks milk. Dr. Vartak proved that not only milk, but water is also drunk, not only by Ganesh, but any idol of any Deity can do it provided that there is a pointed part like our chin. Proved that it happens on any day and any time. Proved that it was a miracle, not divine, but physical. 

Explained how the philosophical statements about Kala (Time) are scientifically correct. 

Clarified the concept of Apana Vayu and explained its functions according to science. Proved scientifically that Apana is the cause of death and how it begins its work in the second month of intrauterine life. 

Shown that the gravitation force of the Earth really helps Apana Vayu in its functions, as is told in the Prashnopanishad. Shown that Prashnopanishad, first, clearly mentioned about the gravitation force of the Earth during 6000 BC. Shankaracharya (800AD) also has explained it showing its effect on the physical body, which Newton had not thought of. 

Has shown that using Devanagari script a machine can be prepared which can print whatever we talk. Every pronunciation is represented in Devanagari script by one symbol and that symbol has only one pronunciation. One pronunciation has got a special typical pattern of sound waves. If we feed the patterns to a computer, it will print whatever we talk. 

Shown that ‘Only the Truth wins said the Upanishads’; but later many people followed a wrong path, much away from the truth. Examples of Harischandra, Yudhishthira, Rama, Krishna, many Saints and Gandhiji are given showing how they followed falsehood under the veil of truth. Because of these great personalities common men followed the same wrong path and ruined the Hindu nation. 

Shown with the help of modern science that the statement of the Bhagawata is true that the foetus in the fifth month of intrauterine life experiences hunger and thirst.
Shown that the Sushruta Samhita was first written around 4000 BC, and its second revised edition was composed around 1840 BC. The evidence is based on the seasons described in the Samhita. 

The date of Patanjali is also established as 5000 BC, on solid grounds. 

Shown how baseless are the statements of the western scholars about the epic Mahabharat. 

Shown the mistakes in the basic principles in archeological science.
Shown that the Mohenjadaro and Harappa cultures were Vedic in origin, because the tablet found there shows a picture of two birds on a tree, one eating a fruit while other just looking at it. This picture has its base in the Mundaka Upanishad. 

Exposed the mistakes of Sir Mortimer Wheeler and Sankalia done in dating the Indian culture such as the Mahabharata and the Ramayana period etc. 

Given rational meaning to ‘Atharvangirasa’. Atharva means steady, immobile. Angirasa means Vayu or atmosphere. Atharvangirasa means the layer of the atmosphere, which is steady. It means the highest strata of the atmosphere or Suva or Dyuloka. 

Have done some research about the existence after death and ghosts, and convinced about both. 

Given rational meaning to ‘Atharvangirasa’. Atharva means steady, immobile. Angirasa means Vayu or atmosphere. Atharvangirasa means the layer of the atmosphere, which is steady. It means the highest strata of the atmosphere or Suva or Dyuloka. 

Feelings ‘Sukha, Dukha and Anand’ are differentiated and defined 

Have done some research about the existence after death and ghosts, and convinced about both. 

Difference between ‘Deva’ and ‘Ishwara’ is clearly shown. Deva means the God, but Ishwara means the unique, prime and basic energy working behind the Universe. 

Shown that the Konkanashth Brahmins have not come from outside India. They belong to India from Vedic era. They follow the Taittiriya Samhita. 

Shown that the Aryas spread from India to all over the world. 

Shown that the concept of the Arctic Home in the Vedas is totally wrong. 

Brought forward boldly the Ishopanishad’s philosophy that if only the spirituality is followed a person and nation gets ruined. Balance between the spirituality and physical science with practical reality helps to survive in the world. 

Three rational meanings of the 15th Mantra of the Ishopanishad are presented. It says that the golden vase shuts up the mouth of reality.


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  9. "Contesting against Abhijit (Vega), the constellation
    Krittika (Pleiades) went to "Vana" the Summer Solstice to
    heat the summer. Then the star Abhijit slipped down in
    the sky. At that time Dhanishta was given the first place
    in the list of Nakshatras. Rohini was also the first some
    time back. Now you decide what to do," said Indra.

    This dialogue shows that when Indra????? went to Summer
    Solstice,(Indra or Krittika went to Summer Solstice) Vega started falling down. Many scholars have
    ridiculed this idea of Star Falling; but now it is proved
    by modern astronomy that it was a true fact that 12,000
    years BCE, Vega had really come down to the horizon from
    the heights of the sky, to become a pole star.

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